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  • highest quality in every detail

    We work all the standard materials, although we specialize in aluminum, cast-iron and stainless steels, and construction, our strength is the flexibility in the implementation of small and medium batches customer's design but we are also able to prepare large series.

Milling centers CNC mold making - Blanking plate and padding

COSTAM Srl operates in the highly specialised mechanical engineering sector

Through continuous investment in staff and equipment, the company has established itself at European level in a highly competitive market and operates in many areas. Today, Costam Srl owns several companies and guarantees its customer a turnkey service.

COSTAM Srl manages a group of suppliers and offers itself as the prime contractor for complete supplies: we work with all standard materials and our strength is flexibility which enables us to meet both small and large scale commitments; our activities include processing with machine tools under contract and supplies of individual products and fully mounted subgroups.


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