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Costam supports Gymnos, association of artistic and acrobatic gymnastics of San Quirino.

Humus park

Costam is the official sponsor of Humus park, the most important Italian event of land art, which participate every year Italian and international artists.



Since 2002 the ceremony A BRIDGE BETWEEN SCHOOL AND BUSINESS is held at the ITIS "John F. Kennedy" secondary school in Pordenone, organised by a group of entrepreneurs from the Pordenone area on the anniversary of the 50th year of the foundation of the school, with the aim of enabling schools to get closer to the business world through scholarships to deserving students, the refurbishment of mechanical and chemical laboratories in the school and the running of courses and seminars.


Since 1998, the ISIS "L. Zanussi" secondary school in Pordenone has been running the DIES PROJECTS, in partnership with some companies near Pordenone, with the aim to teach the theoretical construction of moulds in depth. 

The project has been strongly supported by the production world with ideas, qualified personnel for classroom training and financial support.

The main activities are the design, construction and testing of moulds for plastics and sheet metal and allows students to improve their skills in 2D and 3D CAD design, machining and programming of CNC-MU.

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