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Seed Group

  • Created on Saturday, 28 September 2013 11:08

Costam established the network " SEED Group" - Ecologic Sed Electronic Devices - consists of 7 companies operating in diversified sectors and synergistics between each other, that add up to 300 employees and more than 30 million Euros of turnover.

The network aims to increase its competitiveness and capacity for innovation through a program of exchange of information, with the aim to open up new fields and new markets, especially foreign markets, streamlining and reducing costs.


Design, production, assembly and marketing are the main phases in which the SEED Group companies are involved, all excelling in their own productive specialization and all ready to face foreign markets.

The first project of the network is aimed at creating a electronic operated seeding machine that allows the dosage of the seed, provisions will be made to connect the machine to a GPS so that it can automatically adjust the seeding density as a function of soil fertility.

The New President of SEED Group says : << The potential of this initiative is evident to all, thanks to " SEED Group" we introduce ourselves as a large group, without giving up the flexibility typical of SMEs. >>

SEED grop will be present at the next edition of Subtechs, the 11th Salon of subcontracting engineering, open from January 29th to February 1st, 2014 in Pordenone


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