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Who we are

COSTAM Srl operates in the highly specialised mechanical engineering sector; through continuous investment in staff and equipment, the company has established itself at European level in a highly competitive market and operates in many areas. Today, Costam Srl owns several companies and guarantees its customer a turnkey service.


COSTAM Srl manages a group of suppliers and offers itself as the prime contractor for complete supplies: we work with all standard materials and our strength is flexibility which enables us to meet both small and large scale commitments; our activities include processing with machine tools under contract and supplies of individual products and fully mounted subgroups.











1968 - Born Costam           

             First man on the moon - 1969


                  Earthquake of Friuli - 1976


 Italy wins the World Cup - 1982


 1988 - Change of registered office



1994- First international fair  

 1997 - Entry into the international market 

        Fall of the Berlin Wall -1989


2004 - Born Costam HT

   Birth of the common European currency -2001



  7 billion people on Earth - 2011


2013 - Opening of new production plant




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